Caramel Pudding Cake

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8" round cake

This showpiece sponge cake topped with a soft and heavenly caramel pudding is definitely a show-stopper kind of cake. It is both rich and delicious! Amazingly, the cake and pudding are baked together, and somehow during the baking process, the cake part separates from the pudding into two distinct layers whilst remaining attached!

Ingredients for Caramel Topping
sugar (grinded/castor)
3 tbsp.
Ingredients for Pudding
(at room temperature)
1 tsp.
vanilla essence
Ingredients for Sponge Cake Base
eggs, separated into whites and yolks
(at room temperature)
plain/all purpose flour
2 tbsp.
1 tsp.
vanilla essence

First, grease an 8" pan. Preheat the oven to 170 C and prepare a water bath. A water bath is basically a big pan (that will comfortably hold your cake pan) which is filled about halfway with boiling water.

Proceed with preparing the cake.

For Caramel Topping:

First, add 1 tbsp. of the water into the sugar. Melt on VERY LOW heat until the sugar melts and caramelises to a golden brown colour. Immediately add the remaining 2 tbsp. of water, stir well and pour this syrup into your greased cake pan.

For Pudding:

Mix the milk with the sugar until all the sugar is melted. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs with vanilla essence lightly. Do not over-whip the eggs, if they become frothy, your pudding will not have the best/smoothest texture. It will end up with small holes in it. Mix the eggs into the milk+sugar and stir gently until well combined. Pour onto the caramel in the pan.

For Sponge Cake Base:

First, beat the egg whites with half the sugar, a pinch of salt and half the vanilla until stiff peaks are achieved. Set aside.

In a separate bowl, beat the egg yolks with the remaining sugar until thick, pale and creamy. Add the milk, remaining vanilla and melted butter and stir. Sift the flour into this mixture and fold/stir it in very gently until combined.

Next, add a third of the egg white mixture into this batter, whisk it in, then add all the remaining egg white mixture and fold it in using a spatula. Make sure to use a light hand to combine as any heavy handling or vigorous mixing will deflate the batter.

Gently add dollops of this airy batter into the cake pan on top of the pudding mixture and try to level it out as much as you can. Do not worry if things get muddled up a little bit, the layers will separate during baking.

Place this pan in the water bath and stick the whole thing into your preheated oven. Bake for about 40minutes.

Remove the pan from the water bath and set it on a wire rack to cool. Do NOT invert the cake out of the pan at this point. Allow it to cool completely, then cover with foil and refrigerate at least for a few hours or preferably overnight. Then place a plate over the pan and turn it over.

Serve chilled and Enjoy! :)



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Yes you pour it onto the caramel, then you top it with the sponge cake mixture.

Wow thats nice but a bit confused,after preparing pudding you pour it into the prepared syrup followed by sponge cake mixture .

Salam sister fauzia! One quick question. Can you please rewrite the measurements according to your standard scale i.e, cups. Thanks in anticipation

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W/Salaam, will do, but since these are quite exact and small measurements, it is hard to convert to accurate cup measurements. I will do my best. :)

im alwys your fan.. tnx 4ur service...mam

Nice recipe ll sure try it but wat is batter

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

The cake mixture.

Gr8 recipe!!!
Fauzia, can I use creme caramel mix instead of making the caramel pudding 'coz this recipe has too much egg and I cant have that many 'coz of acne treatment.
If I am using the mix do, I follow the instructions on the box as it is or should I reduce the amount of milk?

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Have not tried it with the ready made pack, you can give it a try and see how it turns out if you like. :)

plz sende recipes on my email id thnx a million

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Please subscribe to the website to receive emails.

Wow Very Interesting recipe to try :) But Do u also make videos? if so pls do make one for this recipe :)

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Sorry no videos at the moment.

Can I use loose bottom pan ?

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I would not recommend it as it would leak out of the slits. No need for a loose bottom pan for this recipe as it will be inverted later anyways.

sis fauzia, please answer my question, i dont understand this part of the recipe: 'Mix the milk with the sugar until all the sugar is melted'. Are you mixing the milk with the sugar on a stove over heat? are you boiling the milk? How long do you heat the milk for?

Also, how long do you have to beat the eggs for the pudding mixture? you wrote dont overbeat...what does that mean? do you use a hand mixer or just a whisk?

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Since the sugar is grinded/soft, there is actually no need to even boil it. Just mix or stir until it is combined. If you need to heat the milk slightly to help the sugar dissolve faster, then try to do this earlier so that the milk is back at room temperature when you continue with adding eggs into it.

DO NOT beat the eggs with a whisk or hand mixer. Simply beat them lightly first then stir them into the milk gently with a wooden spoon or fork, try to avoid making them frothy.

Hi Fauzia - I am sure this recipe tastes as delightful as all your other recipes! I am just a bit confused at this paragraph:

"Next, add a third of the egg white mixture into this batter, whisk it in,..."

Here you say to very gently fold the egg white - and then it contradicts by saying whisk it in -

Pls clarify.

Also when you say grinded/castor sugar - do you mean either grinded sugar or castor sugar - ?

As always thank you so much for your detailed instructions.

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The first third of the egg whites, you can just whisk that in without any worry, it helps lighten the batter. When you add the remainder of the egg whites, fold them in gently to avoid deflating them.

Yes either grinded sugar or castor, whichever you have.

Fauzia I made the cake. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!

I just had trouble making the caramel topping - instead of browning my sugar just kept crystalizing - so I used a sachet from a caramel pudding box - but other than that I made the actual caramel pudding and cake from scratch!

This was my first attempt at ever whipping egg whites and baking with a steam bath (which was unique) but I followed all your steps to the letter and used the EXACT gm measurements using a digital scale that I have and viola - true to your words MAGIC!

When it came out of the oven it was nicely browned ontop - but it was wobbling inside - so I let it cool and in the fridge for 24 hours to set. I was a little scared as I was upturing it on the plate - I thought it would fall apart - but a little jiggle here and there and it plopped right onto the plate in one piece!

The cake soaks up the caramel sugar topping and the pudding cooked perfectly ontop of the cake. The taste was great too - I loved that it was not overly sweet! Melts in your mouth at first bite!

This one is a keeper!!!
Thank you for sharing ....

This is very different recipe but i have a question.... cake batter is suppose to be heavier thn pudding mix (i think) so can the cake batter surely stay on top of pudding batter. pl Fauzia reply soon i wana try this recipe ASAP coz my hubby lov caramel pudding.
Lov & regards

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It will separate during baking.

Aoa Can u plz convert the measurement of grams in tsp/tbsp pl. Thanx


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Hi, never tried with ready made caramel pudding before.

salam fauzia, how r u?i made it, the pudding portion was absolutely amazing but my cake portion had became little u know the reason?i used olive oil instead of butter.

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W/Salaam, did you follow the ingredients measurements exactly?

actually the measurement u gave, i converted it in half of every ingredients n made the pudding this the reason my cake portion became hard?????????pls tell me.

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Could be because half the measurement would mean that the cake should be done in a shorter amount of time. Did you bake it for the full 40 minutes? That would be too much for such a small cake. Best to try the recipe again but this time use exact measurements and see how you find the results. :)

ya i baked it for 40 min..............ok thank u very much for the reply.better luck next time............ALLAH HAFEJ

Hi Fauzia,
Does the milk for the caramel pudding have to be whole (homo) milk, or could I use 2% skim milk for it?


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Hi, best to use whole milk, have not tried it with skim.


This recipe looks amazing and I cant wait to make it. I just have a couple of questions.

Would it be possible to use a different cake recipe then the one used above (or a cake mix)..would it still work.

Also, if want to make the dessert without inverting it,(i would like to use a dessert dish) could i put the sponge cake first then the pudding without having any problems.

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Hi, a cake mix will not work as most cake mixes are oil/butter based and therefore will not be light and spongy (thereby allowing the cake batter to float on the pudding mixture). And no since the cake batter is light and lightens as it bakes, it will try and float up in the mixture. Best to bake and invert.

aswk. i just had 1 qtn.whenever v prepare egg pudding in a water bath we tend to cover the pan with a this required in the oven or we just place a bigger pan containing half boiled water and in it our "mix" pan uncovered ??? also when we grease the pan is it just butter grease or butter and flour ?? thanking u. please reply asap.

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W/Salaam, yes the mix pan should remain uncovered coz the pudding is covered already by the cake batter. And I normally just grease the pan with butter, not flour.

no baking powder or soda needed for this recipe?

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Nope. :)

Hi fauzia Plz gm ki jaga cups main bata den

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Hi, you will need very accurate measurements for this recipe, converting to cups might give different results.

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W/Salaam, yes you can.

salam fauzia....can i use tetra pack milk?

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W/Salaam, seems to me that you did not give the pudding any time to set at all!! If you check the recipe, I have indicated that you should allow the pudding cake to cool in the pan to room temperature, THEN refrigerate in the pan for at least a few hours up to overnight. Doesn't sound like you did that. :S

definetly trying this for my thursday gettogether. Can't wait to post it

salaams sister...thanks for all the amazing recipes in you site...i have tried many...and turned out to be delicious..i tried this dessert yesterday...the taste was so yummy...but it was not so good in shape :( ...i had used the exact measurements as in the recipe...and bake at 170 deg for 40 mins..wen i took it out...the sponge cake was done...but the pudding layer was shaking and loosening up...then i kept further more for about 40 mins again...and my caramel topping seems waterish...what might have gone wrong?pls advice....JazakhAllah...

oh yeah...i think i didn't give much time to cool..thank you very much for clearing my doubt...ill try once again in-shaa-Allah....should the caramel topping be thick or loose when poured to the pan?

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The caramel should be loose and liquidy.

Wow! I so want to make this!! What a refreshing change from the normal flan and cakes!

Can you please tell me how I can tweek the revipe or more specifically the baking time if Im using an 8 inch square pan? I think the volume of square pan is more than a round pan, so the cake will be thinner, so im guessing the baking time will be lesser? Would love to hear from you! I really want to make this but have only 8 in square cake pan and 9 in round pan.

Thanks in advance! Keep up the great work!