Cake - Baked Without an Oven

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I attempted it and alhamdulillah the results were better than I ever expected!! The cake was light and fluffy, really really soft and delicate with a perfect crumb texture. All in less time than it would have taken in an oven!


Here is the recipe: Marble Cake

Here is the step by step description corresponding to the numbered pics.

Picture 1:  Place a rack or stand in a big heavy EMPTY pot. Make sure the pot is dry and completely clean otherwise if it has any oil or water it will smoke.

Picture 2:  Cover the pot with a tight lid and turn the heat on high for 5 minutes. This is to pre-heat the pot in preparation for the cake.

Picture 3:  Open the pot, careful it will be hot in there. Place your cake pan gently on the rack/stand.

Picture 4:  Cover the pot once more and let the cake start baking! First keep the heat on high for 5 minutes, then lower it to medium and continue cooking for another 20 minutes. This is for an 8" cake size, it will take slightly more time if the cake is larger or less time if it is smaller.

Picture 5:  Open the pan after the baking period, and check if the cake is done. The top will be solid and a skewer inserted in the center of the cake will come out clean.

Picture 6:  Turn the cake over on a rack gently and remove the greaseproof paper. As you can see, the cake is done!

Picture 7:  This pic is to show you how soft the cake is. I placed a knife under the cake and lifted it, and as you can see the cake is literally bending just with the lift of a knife-tip, it is THAT soft!

Picture 8:  Once the cake was cooled, I flipped it over to show the marbled top.

Picture 9:  Look how soft my cake is!! Perfect cake without the use of an oven!

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W/Salaam, not for this recipe, however you can check through the cakes album for my eggless cake recipes.

This method for baking a cake on the stove top worked perfectly!!! I had a cake ready to bake and found out my oven isn't working : ( I used my turkey roasting pan that has a removable rack in it. I turned the roasting pan so it was sitting over both the front and back burner on one side of my stove. After I heated it for 5 minutes, I baked the cake in the glass Pyrex dish that it had already been prepared in. The cake had a bottom layer of peaches, juice, and flavorings with cake batter on top. I was tempted several times to lift the lid to check on it, but knew that would spoil the heated environment. It was very hard to trust and wait. However, the cake was perfect after 5 minutes on high and then 15 min on medium. YUM! Thanks for the photos and many answers to reader comments.

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Thanks for the awesome feedback! <3

JazakAllah for the idea but I had a doubt that whe the pot gets over heated will it not start burning? ?
Not even a single amount of water should have in the pot but y??

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W/Salaam, I've personally never had a problem with this method, and many have tried it successfully too. If you are worried you can do it your way and add water. :)

and if am using pressure cooker should I put water or it should be empty??

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Same with a pressure cooker, I normally do not add water, just be sure not to use the whistle during the bake. Again, if you are worried, you can use water.

Salaam, pls sis can i use a steamer pot for this method???.....i tried ur rose rolls and caterpiller bread recipe and the result was yummmmyyyy, Alhamdulillah...Jaxakillahu khayr

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W/Salaam, yes you can.