Bounty Cake Recipe

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one 8" cake

This delicious chocolate cake has a suprise coconut filling in its centre.

Ingredients for Cake
1 cup
castor sugar
1 tsp.
vanilla essence
1/2 cup
cocoa powder
1/2 cup
oil or melted butter/margarine
1 1/2 cup
2 tsp.
baking powder
Ingredients for Filling
egg whites
1 cup
desiccated coconut
1/2 cup
icing sugar

First prepare the cake batter:

Beat eggs and sugar till creamy. Add vanilla essence n oil n beat for 1 min. In a separate bowl sieve flour, baking powder n cocoa powder. Fold dry ingredients in egg mixture.

For the Filling:

Beat egg whites till stiff peaks form, add in icing sugar n beat for another 2 mins add coconut and fold.

To assemble:

Grease baking pan pour half of cake mixture in the pan and level it pour filling n level. Pour the remaining cake mixture and level. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 30 mins or till done remove from oven let it cool completely in the tin before turning it out.


How much flour would I need if I used self raising flour?

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Same amount of flour Khuzzy, just omit the baking powder if you are using SR flour.

i have a gas oven what gas mark can i bake this cake at i used to have an electric but im confused now can you please tell me the exact temp for baking cakes in gas oven

Hi...can I use margarine or butter instead of oil...if many grams....thanx!!!!

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Hi, yes you can, just melt and then measure according to the recipe.

Sure will do that, I was thinking to add aftering having pretty dense batter but was confused as its not stated in receptive ne ways thank dear:)

hi,...fawsia i bake this bounty cake 2day n it turn out to b v delicious n yummy,thxx...

salam...pls tell me can i use microwave oven !! if yes..then how

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W/Salaam, I never use the microwave for baking or cooking, sorry.

I pre heated well n I have regular gas oven, rest of stuffs come out perfect, I m having feeling that my batter was dense so it get hArd :s

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I see, next time try adding a bit of milk just to loosen the batter a little bit. It will help keep the cake soft and moist too.


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W/Salaam, 7 inch round pan will be fine.

Can we use regular sugur instead of Icing sugar?

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Best to use icing sugar, not regular sugar.

Aoa!! I tried bounty cake n it turned out tasty but my cake get pretty hard n it get baked in 65mins completlely. The batter was pretty dense n it wasn't spreading on its own in the pan, I need to spread it with spatula, other problem was that cake stArted to crack up but toothpick was not coming out clean :s help me ou, I wanna try again but not with hard cake in the end.

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W/Salaam, please check the temperature of your oven, and did you remember to preheat?

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Vegetable/cooking oil, any odourless oil will do.

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W/Salaam, no you cannot substitute the two and get the right results.

hey which oil shall i use?

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُاللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ what icing/ganache goes best with this cake?jzk

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W/Salaam, Chocolate ganache.

Salam. Can I use fresh coconut? I don'tknow where 2find desicated coconut,thanx?

salam,can i use sods bcarbonate insted of baking powder

whats d difference between normal sugar , icing sugar, castor sugar.?????

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Castor sugar is regular sugar that has been grinded into a powder. Icing sugar is grinded sugar but with an extra ingredient (cornflour).

Asalam o Alaikum ......Fauzia main ne aaj bounty cake benaya hai aur itna yummy bna hai k aap ko bta nhi sekti is se pehly main ne rose rolls benaay thy wo bhi buhet achy beny thy ......thank u so much for these yummy recipes.........u r great love u

Can u pls tell a recipe of buttercream icing that can be used in hot and humid climat like Karachi
I have tried different recipes of buttercream but none of them holds it's shape and start melting during piping thus ruining the cake

The best website ever

aslm alkm!

i tried ds out! it tastes real nyc! but however,d cake's turned out pretty hard! em not shua y cz iv followed all d instructions..yet,it ws pretty refrigirating it even a lil,turns it stone like! :(

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W/Salaam. Did you over-bake the cake? Please refer to this note for cake tips so you can figure out what might have gone wrong. Cake Mistakes

Again a successful recipe from ur blog. Really u made cooking and baking sooo easy for unprofessionals like us. Thank U.

Assalam alaikum,thank u dear it was awoesome.i usually mix 1cup of boilling water with cocoa.andthen fold in the egg mixtr.anyway i tried ur way amd it was also perfect.


Amazing recipe cant wait to try it, I read your above comment about Icing sugar being mixed with corn flour.
Can I do it at home and What is the exact method to do it ???

Thanks a million for your great site

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W/Salaam, grind 1 cup sugar until very fine then mix 2 tbsp cornflour in it.

Thank u so much for ur prompt reply.I will email u soon n will tell some mistakes I did..once again thnx n jazak Allha

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Hi dear, I NEVER miss a pic if it is posted on the wall from a computer or sent in by email or message. Did you post the pic using a mobile? If so then I have not received it on FB, I cannot view most mobile photo posts. Email the pic to me on

Hey..aoa......dear Fouzia I tried this recipie n upload the pic on ur profile but yet u did not transfer to ur tried n tested album:( I baked it in gas oven can u plz tell me is there any difference comes when baking done in gas oven? Please reply..

Thanx for da delicious recipe. Just want to know which oven is better for baking.electrical or gas??

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For me, electric ovens are best, I find there is more control with the heating than gas ovens. But I guess that is a matter of personal opinion, I know that there are people who prefer gas ovens. :)

Thank u:)

Salam, I made the cake two days ago, it turned out extremely delicious in taste but the Bottom of the cake got stuck in the pan and turned like hard wax-like in texture, this is the first time I saw something like this although I bake different recipes of cakes regularly.. I am confused as how did that happen? Pls Help

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W/Salaam, hmmm am not sure why the cake stuck, did you grease and line the cake pan?

Salam, I made the cake two days ago, it turned out extremely delicious in taste but the Bottom of the cake got stuck in the pan and turned like hard wax-like in texture, this is the first time I saw something like this although I bake different recipes of cakes regularly.. I am confused as how did that happen? and yes i did grease the Tefal baking pan with a lil bit of oil as i usually do.
Pls Help

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Try greasing then dusting the pan with a bit of flour before adding the batter. :)

Can u do me a favor? Be kind enough to recommend some specific electric oven brand or model. Somebody told me i should get a two rod one instead of one rod.