Bounty Bars

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Makes 12 bars

These are my home-made Bounty Bars, made from the leftover Coconut Burfi/Kashatas.

Coconut burfi
(recipe link in instructions below)
melted chocolate

First prepare the Coconut burfi using THIS recipe.

Then, once completely cool, dip them in melted dark chocolate and drizzled over them with some melted white chocolate. Then chill the squares in the fridge for the chocolate to set, and voila!! Tasty and beautiful little treats to fulfil anyone's chocolate-coconut cravings!


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You can chop them up and sprinkle them on ice-cream for a nice coconut-flavoured option.

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Hmmm, that is strange, they should not be too sweet! Was the dessicated coconut you used already pre-sweetened? And the chocolate coating should not be falling off the squares, unless it was too watery? Did you add anything to it?

Also appi please let me know what I can do with them since they're inedibly sweet... Any alternative? Anything I can turn them into...

Appi I tried these but the coconut was too sweet.... And then it was breaking while dipping in chocolate so I made balls instead.... How can I get perfect chocolate coated squares?
A few that I dipped in chocolate got fully coated but when I place them on plates, all the chocolate slips onto the plate.... What can I do? Is it possible to update a step by step picture process?
Thanks for all the assistance

Slms l made kashata barfi they turned out so nice allham infact l tried most of ur recipes they turned out so nice thnx alot l just wanted a favour from u pls l would like receipy of chocolate kashata pls if u can post me l would really appreciate thnx.

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Dear sister , fauzia .. I was looking for home-made ferrero ... I'll appreciate if u can share ur immense knowlege