Beans on Scrambled Egg on Toast

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Serves 1

This is one of the easiest breakfast fix-ups you could possibly have! If you like toast, scrambled egg and baked beans, try piling them one on the other in that order and enjoy your quick and healthy breakfast!

slice of bread
1/4 cup
baked beans
salt and pepper to taste
hot sauce

Toast a slice of any kind of bread you want. Scramble one egg using THIS recipe. 

Heat about a quarter cup of baked beans (use the same saucepan you scrambled your egg in). 

Now place your toast on a plate, add the scrambled egg followed by the warmed beans. Season with salt and pepper (I like mixing a bit of hot-sauce in the baked beans when heating). 

Serve immediately with some tomatoes slices, fruit juice or a cup of tea/coffee.

Enjoy! :)



Assalam o alekum,
Can you please tell what kind of beans you have used and i really like white beans commonly known as safaid lobiya ....other than the usual way is there any other way to cook them.......jazakillah.

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

W/Salaam, have used baked beans (they come in a can). You can use any beans that you like actually.

i wanna tell you ur simply osm..may allah bless you.. i hv a request.. if you could come up with more breakfast recipe cz i love cooking only ur never failed.. thank you

I tried.. healthy breakfast.. thanks a lot.

Just wanted to say jazakillahukhayra for all the hard work you are helping people in ways never imagined. My son wasnt well and not eating for nearly two weeks I decided to make this recipe put a slice on cheese on top and masha allah he love it. Youre family are so lucky to have you .id love to be a great cook like you.this websites got all simple and stunning dishes I come on it everyday to make something from it . Jazakillah again.

Yummy, and great for a change.

I really like this, and I'm having it right now! I make it whenever I have leftover rajma at home :)
Thanks a lot for these wonderful ideas.