Baked Burgers

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12-14 patties

I normally prefer baking my burger patties, it's a healthier option than frying and tastes absolutely fantastic! Plus, the patties maintain a perfect shape and retains it's size after baking.

500 gm
beef mince
(you can use mutton mince too if you prefer it, although beef tastes better)
medium onions, grated or chopped finely
slices of bread, soaked in water then drained
4 tbsp.
coriander, chopped
1/2 tsp.
garlic paste
1/2 tsp.
ginger paste
1 tbsp.
gram flour
1/2 tsp.
garam masala
1 tsp.
dhana jeera (cumin and coriander powder)
1/2 tsp.
freshly ground cumin
1/2 tsp.
turmeric powder
green chilies, chopped
juice of half of a lemon
small egg
1 tbsp.
butter or margarine
salt to taste
1/2 tsp.
black pepper
a pinch of soda bicarbonate
(baking soda)

Remove a small portion of the raw mince and set it aside (less than quarter of the full amount). We'll use this later on.

Put the remaining mince directly into a pan, and add some coriander, garam masala, dhana jeera, cumin powder, turmeric, salt, ginger/garlic, green chillies and some of the lemon.

Place the pan on medium heat and dry the mince, keep stirring the mixture regularly so that it it's evenly cooked and doesn't form lumps. Once it's totally dry (when you notice it starting to stick to the bottom of the pan) spill the mixture into a bowl and set it aside for a while. Using the same pan, put the butter, heat it a little, then add the grated onions and black pepper and stir fry them until the onions soften.

Pour back the dried mince into the onions n stir thoroughly on low heat. Taste and adjust salt/pepper/lemon according to your taste. Switch off and let the mixture cool.

Once the mixture is completely cool, add the raw mince you had set aside earlier, gram flour, egg, the soaked n drained bread (make sure you squeeze out as much of the water as you can from the bread). Mix together and lastly (right before baking/grilling) add a quarter tsp. of baking soda (helps soften the patties).

Shape into flat circles/patties, place on a greased tray and bake. Make sure to turn the patties midway through cooking so that both sides get done evenly. Take care whilst turning them so that they don't break. If you try to turn the patties and they are stuck, give them some more time to bake then try again. Once the under-side is done they will turn easily. Be gentle during turning. Also make sure you put the tray into the oven whilst it's at its hottest temp (around 200C), then reduce the heat within 5mins to about 170 C and continue on a lower heat the rest of the way through. This helps retain moisture in the patties so they don't become dry. They will take about 15-20 mins to be done on both sides. You can pat the patties with a teeny blob of butter once they are done, right from the give them a nice buttery flavor, then use them immediately or set them out to cool and store for whenever you crave a burger.

I normally like adding about a handful of SHAMI KABAB mixture to this burger patties mixture. It helps level/flatten the surface of the patties and gives it a nicer taste, but is entirely optional.



Asalaamalikum, 2ques pls:
1.can i use beef boti (roughly chopped in the chopper) instead of qeema? i always use qeema for kababs, but I've heard kabaabs from boti taste better. ..wat do u think? also if i use boti, wud the recipe change in any way?
2. can i use the recipe to make chicken burger patties..using chicken qeema or breast boti?
jazakallah khair.

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W/Salaam, qeema holds together better with this recipe. You can grind/mince the botis before cooking them if you want. Roughly chopped botis will not have the right smooth consistency but you can try with a small amount and see how you find the results. And yes you can use chicken qeema to make chicken burger patties.

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W/Salaam, thank you. I have not tried a substitute for the bread, you can try with a fraction of the recipe and omit the bread. Hopefully that will help. If needed, add an extra amount of gram flour to hold the mixture together or boil and mash some potato and add that instead.

Thank you Fauzia's Kitchen.Taken some of these recipes and will be giving my testimonies.
I am sure the kids will be excited about the dishes.

Jazakallah bikhayr Fauzia for your amazing, simple but mouthwatering recipes. May Allah reward you abundantly, I need a recipe for the burger buns(bread rolls) please.

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Thank you. You can use this recipe, shape it like burger buns before baking: Buns

Salaam sis!! I simply love your site! I wanted to ask you if i can use any other product instead of bread because my daughter is allergic to wheat.
Please reply soon.

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W/Salaam, yes you got it absolutely right dear. Happy cooking!

as.kum hope you are doing good alhamdulilah thankx to allah that we are fine.and thankx to you dear for a nice and yummmy recepies now from this recepie ido understand what have written there but ijust want to make make sure before i try doing mean to say on than half kg mance meat you have to keep separate hand full of it row one aside and the rest has to be cooked like samoosa ones and the raw one you add with egg and 4slice of bread and after that you mix the cooked1 and the raw one together and after putting all the ingredient like the way you said you back them in the oven IST RIGHT?pls let me know my kids love burgers.

Assalamualaikum Fauzia,am Asiya musa from Nigeria.
What I don't understand here is'on the picture there is
Like a lof of bread up and down'so the recipe is for the
Inside.right!what about the top and down.

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W/Salaam, the bun is store-bought. The recipe is for the burger itself.

salam sis, will we get the same results if we make use chicken mince rather than beef?

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W/Salaam, yes you can use chicken mince.

hi fauzia....1 small doubt...can v make these & store them like v get frozen burgers...i'm so glad that i got threcipe 4 burgers...wuld luv 2 try with chicken mince...but i dont know whether its taste'll deteirorate if i use frozen mince...then i make burger...then restore itin freezer....if u can help me with ur wuld b truly helpful...thnx yaar

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Hi, I normally bake the burgers then wrap them well and freeze, just thaw them out, warm them up and use on your burgers as needed.

as.kum sister,thank you very much for your help of recepies imake bugger mashallah they were delicios kids love them sooo much till they tell me to give thankx to aunty fauzia cos they saw me looking at yr website.hahaha.SHUKRAN.

Thanks for your good recipe sister

Thanks soo much for your recipe sister

Hi Fauzia.. Thanks for all youre amazing recipes. Can I use bread crumbs instead of the bread.

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Hi, yes you can.

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

I do not speak urdu.

salaam sis i really luv recipes mashallah. most of ur recipes u usw beef can u use.mince lamb? i for this recipe can i use lamb

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W/Salaam, yes you can.

dear fauzia...u have done so much hard work wid helping us..this is also khair work..may ALLAH bless u and help u in yr hard work....

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W/Salaam sis, congrats on the newly married life mashaAllah! I normally freeze these burgers for up to 3 weeks, I try to avoid keeping them frozen for longer than this (but you can stretch it to a month). Make sure you cling film them or wrap them up well so they do not get any freezer burn. Normally I find that 2 rounded (but not heaped) tbsp of breadcrumbs are equal to 1 slice of bread

Assalam alaikum wr wb, sister! Alhamdulillah I am relatively new to married life and am trying to plan an easy take to work/dinner menu for my husband and I who both work.

I want to ask: How long do these pre-baked burgers last if we freeze them?

Also roughly if using breadcrumbs what's the equivalent quantity?

Jzk katheeran, sis!

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W/Salaam, adding that raw mince at the end helps give the burgers a lot of flavour and moistness. It will all be cooked during the baking, but as it cooks the raw mince will release some moisture which will give you the best results.

salam alaykum,
i'm just wondering why we need to set aside a handful of the mince at the beginning..

Hi. I don't have dhana jeera and freshly-ground cumin. I just have the regular cumin and coriander powders separately. So how much should I use?

Also, can I cook these in a non-stick frying pan without any oil?

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Hi, use equal portions of cumin and coriander powders (mix them together) in place of dhana jeera. The amounts should remain same as mentioned in the ingredients list. And yes you can cook these in a non stick pan, however you will need to drizzle a bit of oil to cook through properly.