Avocado Shake

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Serves 2-3

A rich, creamy and refreshing drink, very easy to make and super nutritious. The avocado fruit is considered one of the world's healthiest fruit, because of its nutrient contents such as vitamin K, dietary fiber, potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, and reasonable calories in it.

1 ripe
1/2 cup
2-3 cups
cold milk
3-4 tbsp.
(or to taste, vanilla ice-cream)
almond flakes, for garnishing
drop of vanilla essence

The best avocados to use are those that gently yield to pressure when pressed and are free from dark blotches inside the fruit.

Peel the avocado and cut in half. Discard the pit. Cut the soft pulp/fruit into pieces and put in a blender with 1 cup of milk, sugar and vanilla essence. Blend until very creamy and smooth. Add the ice-cubes and blend again. Now taste the avocado shake, if it needs more sugar, you can add it in at this point. Then gradually add more milk to make the shake as thin or as thick as you prefer and blend again to crush the ice cubes. Serve well-chilled in glasses with a scoop of ice-cream in every glass and some almond flakes on top.



wowwwwwwwww i just love avocados, i just bought those yesterday and today will make the shake i always do that but i will skip the ice cream need to watch the calories!thanks for posting this!it surely is yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyy!!!!

is fruit ka urdu name kya hai

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Not sure of the Urdu name for it but if you google you will find the image and maybe recognise it. :)

its called butter fruit also.. Ryt fauzia ?

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun's picture

Yes that is right. :D

Which vanilla ice-cream did u use? thnx :)

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Plain vanilla ice-cream.

Itz my fav..............drink