Atta Rotis

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Makes 9-10

For these I prefer using the RED atta flour. It's slightly darker, but you can use the lighter atta flour if you like it better.

1 1/2 cup
atta flour
2 tbsp.
1 tsp.
water with a bit of milk, warmed up

Knead the dough together until soft. Remember, atta flour will take up more water than normal white flour. So make sure you put in enough water and knead it as long as you can for a lovely soft and smooth dough. Apply a bit of oil on it, cover and set aside for an hour or so to soften further.

Divide the dough into 9-10 pieces. (I make 9 but if you like them a bit smaller then do 10). Form each piece of dough into a nice smooth ball.

Roll out to form a circle, making the roti AS THIN AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY GET IT. Make sure you keep the rolled out rotis and the dough covered at all times so as not to dry up, you can use a cloth for this.

Once all are rolled out, heat a tava/flat chapati pan, and once it's hot place your first roti on it. Leave it for half a minute or until you see it start forming some bubbles, then turn it over and dab a tiny bit of oil on it and turn again. Peep and check that the bottom is nicely colored, turn it over for the other side to get done too and place a second roti on top of it. This helps protect the almost-cooked roti from drying out on the tava. Once done, turn the rotis so that the cooked one is now on top and the new one is on the tava. Remove the cooked one and place it in a hot pot, keep it covered.

It takes about a minute to cook each roti so do not over-cook them otherwise they will dry out, you have to do this fast at a moderate heat so that they don't burn nor dry out.

Once all are done, put them in a plastic bag and return them into the hotpot to keep warm until mealtime. These are best fresh but you can freeze them if you like.



After making balls. roll out small rotis and apply little oil and sprinkle a liitle flour and make cones out of it.... then roll out the cones into roti. this will make ur roti more and more softer and tastier

Assalamu alaikum wabarakatuhu. Eid Mubarak wa kullu aam wa antum bikhayr. I have a problem that my chapatis/ rotis are always a 50-50 chance of either coming out good, so-so, fabulous or downright embarrasing. I have tried every trick: mixing with hot water, kneading till my arms hurt, covering with a damp cloth, adding an egg etc. Please Sister Fauzia give me a failsafe method for Atta chapatis made the Kenyan way. We only use Atta flour for chapatis and almost never use white. Shukran and Allah bless!

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W/Salaam, you can use my parathas/chapatis recipe also in this folder, just substitute the white flour with atta flour, inshaAllah they will be perfect.

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Dear mam, I hav a doubt f milk, is this coconut milk o any tea making milk?

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If it says milk in the recipe it always means regular milk like the one for making tea. If it is coconut I always mention it. :)